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KamadoUK was born out of a passion for grilling and all things outdoor cooking and living.

Our links with manufacturers and factories around the globe lends itself to us being able to source the best quality Kamados we could and at a great price to you the customer. We scoured many manufacturers and factories before we decided on the right fit for us and we were delighted to negotiate the distribution and manufacture of our Kamado grills and accessories.

About Kamado Ovens

The Kamado grills claim a legacy going back thousands of years and the word Kamado originates from Japan, and is translated to “Stove” or “Cooking Range”.

Kamado grills are traditionally made from ceramic material which is cast in an egg shape with a top (Lid) and bottom (Base), Their thick ceramic walls give them great insulation and incredible efficiency. The base has a draft section able to close and open to fuel the fire or reduce the temperature inside the oven and the lid also has a vent on top to aide with temperature control.

The ability to precisely control the temperature of these Kamado grills is what gives them a truly versatile cooking experience unrivalled with anything else on the market, once mastered these grills are able to control temperatures for hours and hours and make them perfect for “Low and Slow” cooks with large joints of meat at low temperatures, retaining heat and moisture in the ceramic shells as they cook, as well as the ability to sear and roast at high temperatures for pizzas and other such foods.

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